🥳 Hiring spree now on! Writers still available in April! 🥳

Welcome to a new TalentTree.io

For the longest time, there was no website for TalentTree.io. 

The only way you could get in contact with us was reaching out directly to me over Twitter, Messenger, or maybe email. 

Friends would refer friends, and for the first ~25 full-time writers, this was the only way that we knew how to grow.

It was slow, but it worked. 

As time went on those friends, our clients, began to share us more publicly in blog posts or Twitter threads and would often ask "where should I point people to?" - we didn't really have an answer. So, that's why we built this new website. It's a new home for us to share availability of candidates, our training pipeline, what we're working on, maybe a few stories from within the company, and, in the future, manage projects entirely in here.

We're still tinkering on what this website will look like so if you have any ideas let us know! 

Thanks to everyone for the consistent and uplifting support you gave us throughout 2019 through to the end of 2020. We can't wait to see where we reach over the next few years.

- Jesse