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Build your dream team in Eastern Europe and scale up your operations with confidence.

We help affiliates, publishers, SaaS, and even eCommerce brands recruit, train, and manage their teams in Eastern Europe. For now, we're focused on providing world-class content writers, (SEO) Project Managers, and virtual assistants.

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Fully managed teams.
We find, hire, train, pay, and manage your team so you can focus purely on growing your business. Be as hands-on or off as you want.
Cost effective pricing.
Work with our candidates full-time for a fixed price or on a cost per word basis. Editing and management included. No hidden fees, no gotchyas.
Not a marketplace or job board.
All candidates have been met personally by our team, work for us, and are vetted thoroughly. As a result, you'll get high quality candidates only. Guaranteed.

"The writing is solid, but that is table stakes really. What REALLY stands out though is everything else on top of it. Having a 100% dedicated writer who lives and breathes your projects can't really be replicated by contractors. On top of it having the editing and research team handling everything else in between lets me focus on other more important tasks. It's 100% hands-off from my end. I couldn't really ask for anything more"

Travis Jamison, CEO of Smash VC
Current Customer

"I can simply assign tasks and know that it'll be done - no management or oversight required. Previously we had been using a number of other writing services that I'm sure many other SEOs have tried. It's hard to find consistent quality content in the industry but Jesse's team has gone above and beyond to deliver high quality content at a competitive price."

Kevin Graham, CEO of SiteArrow.com
Current Customer

"We're in a technical space so quality, technically accurate content is absolutely critical. Jesse and his team are fantastic - they understood our needs and tweaked their process to match our business. The quality of content is excellent as is their communication and ability to hit deadlines again and again - I can definitely recommend them!"

Brendan Tully, Search Marketer
Current Customer

"The TalentTree team are an absolute pleasure to work with. They were extremely receptive to feedback & worked alongside us and our process. I highly recommend working with them – a team that is consistent & you can truly rely on isn’t easy to come by but TalentTree goes above and beyond to save you time."

Alex Panagis, CEO of ScaleMath
Current Customer

"We really love them. They learn the site, the content flows nicely and comes with both interlinks and obl to sources for facts/stats/etc. Account manager / content editor is included. That now know a lot more about the industry than we do. The research involved for each content piece is quite extensive."

Tom De Spiegelaere, Affiliate
Current Customer

"Jesse and the team are awesome. They took a ton of article topics I'd created, and turned them into solid, SEO-optimized posts. Within a few weeks started ranking in the Google SERPs and getting us sales - real money! I loved working with the team, and they got me great results."

Allen Walton, CEO of SpyGuy
Current Customer

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