TalentTree helps you build, manage and scale your full-time remote team in Eastern Europe.

TalentTree is a handpicked network of the top contract writers, customer support staff, and project managers in Eastern Europe. Companies focused on scaling and performance hire our candidates full-time for their most important projects.

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Within 48 hours, we'll introduce you to the right talent for your project. These are vetted and met in person by our leadership team.

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Why TalentTree vs. other hiring services?

Your strategy, our systems and processes.

Many companies — both large and small — know what they need to do but face challenges with finding top talent to scale their operations; from candidate qualifications, to team dynamics, to economics that fit their financial needs. We've built a unique process for finding, onboarding and managing candidates that is world-class and second to none meaning you can just focus on getting the job done.

Role-Specific Talent.

Our candidates have a tried and tested track record of talent. We match your company with talent that have passion relevant to the role you’re trying to fill, then continue to build their skillset whilst you work with them on the project.

Full-Time Communication.

Our candidates have proven experience in their functional areas and do a fantastic job clearly explaining their status and work to all stakeholders. Additionally, they communicate on the platforms you choose. Work your way.

Reliable & Flexible.

Although we hope you work with our candidates long-term, you can scale your team up or down month by month, not years. We have worked with companies to build their initial teams, fill positions for specific projects, and expand team capabilities during “crunch-times”.

Cost-Effective Pricing.

We give you great value for access to our candidates. We have saved client companies hundreds of thousands per year. Our pricing is straight-forward — work with our candidates full-time for a fixed price. No hidden fees.

Personally Vetted.

All candidates have been met personally by our team, and vetted for quality. We don't accept all applications and have a strict guideline as to who is accepted or not.

Fast Onboarding.

Having worked on hundreds of projects, our team has a fine-tuned process on getting started that ensures our teams get to work quickly to maximize the success of the engagement.

"I can simply assign tasks and know that it'll be done - no management or oversight required. Previously we had been using a number of other writing services that I'm sure many other SEOs have tried. It's hard to find consistent quality content in the industry but Jesse's team has gone above and beyond to deliver high quality content at a competitive price."

Kevin Graham CEO of SiteArrow.com

" We're in a technical space so quality, technically accurate content is absolutely critical. Jesse and his team are fantastic - they understood our needs and tweaked their process to match our business. The quality of content is excellent as is their communication and ability to hit deadlines again and again - I can definitely recommend them!"

Brendan Tully CEO of The Search Engine Shop

It only gets better with time.

Because you are assigned a permanent staff member they naturally will learn over time whilst working in your business and become fine tuned to your specific needs. Every bit of feedback and education helps train them to perform better in the role you've crafted for them.

Daily progress reports and feedback.

Every single day, without failure, every team member checks-in on their project with a status update so you know exactly where a task is at and how the writer is feeling. These reports are usually emailed or posted in our project management tool, Basecamp, for discussion.

  • Daily progress updates.
  • Full clarity on what is being worked on.
  • Visibility into drafted content for early feedback.
  • Editor oversight and monitoring.

Regular training and feedback.

All candidates that work with us are trained regularly, in an area they choose. Often this is done online or locally with our leadership team. In turn, this means that the team that works intimately within your business will always be growing their skillset and abilities.

  • Dedicated training on SEO.
  • Niche training in affiliate, eCommerce, and other markets

Results that speak for themselves.

Whether we help you take your customer service inbox from chaos to (daily) inbox zero or grow your organic traffic via content marketing to millions of hits per month, you'll be blown away at the scale you can get from expanding your team.

Instead of hiring an external agency to do this work, join the movement of businesses building their own internal ones!

Start growing your head count today.

TalentTree is more than just a hiring service — it’s a better way to build your team. Companies that switch to TalentTree are more productive, get team members onboarded faster and, cultivate better work(place) culture. They're happier, they get work done faster, and they're far more efficient than before.

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